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Work With Us

Apart from being a photography collective with a cultural mission, Genthology/Antwology is also specialised in providing photography-oriented services for bands, managements, festival organisers and press media:
- photoshoots for promotional purposes or usage in cd-artwork, from basic low-budget photo reports on any location to full-option studio photography
- graphic design of cd-artwork, posters,...
- music videos
- online photo database: +/- 12.000 photos of more than 500 bands
- live photo coverage of events or festivals

A professionally equipped and experienced team of photographers is at your disposal to work out a custom made and high quality solution for all your needs. Genthology/Antwology supports young and talented bands by making an invariable distinction in price rates between bands with or without an investing management.

Can a band use the photos of Genthology/Antwology?

Of course,albeit under a number of terms, that have to do with copyright law:
- The usage right of a photograph:
Put concisely, images of GT/AW can't be used for public/commercial purposes just like that. In any case, permission has to be granted by GT/AW in advance. Sometimes even, usage for a particular purpose has its fee. With this fee, you actually buy a usage right (or a license) for a particular image. This gives you the right to use the image as, for example, a press photo, an album cover,...
- The moral right of the photographer:
This is the copyright, or the credit of the photographer. The moral right is an entailed right, meaning that the customer always has the liability to mention the credit along with the photograph when published, no matter which deal has been made between the customer and the photographer.

In which cases is usage free?

To provide bands with basic pr, GT/AW gives credited low resolution versions of their photos, for use in the photo gallery of the band site and Myspace account. A mail request for this will do.

How much does it cost to use a photo?

This depends on two things:
- The sort of usage right
- The 'size' of the band: if the band doesn't have an investing management, it gets a 50% discount on the applicable rates.
A price list in pdf-format can be found at http://www.genthology.be/rates.pdf.

Can a band hire Genthology/Antwology to make a concert registration?

Sure. If the concert is in Ghent/Antwerp, it's free because of the cultural goal GT/AW aims for. If the concert is outside of Ghent/Antwerp, the rate is € 50,- (21% VAT excluded) plus € 0,25/km travel expenses to and from the location. Here also, bands without an investing management get a 50% discount. On request, backstage photos etc. can also be made. Finally, the band has to provide the necessary permits (photo pass/all-areas pass,..).

How much does a band photo shoot cost?

This depends on the duration of the shoot and, again, the price rate distinction between 'small' or 'large' bands. GT/AW charges by the hour, with descending hour rates for every hour and a minimum duration of one hour. See http://www.genthology.be/rates.pdf for a detailed price list. Included in the hour rate is the photographer's fee for a shoot without extra artificial lighting and make-up. Count on a maximum of two hours for a basic shoot without extra lighting on location. A shoot with extra lighting quickly adds up to four hours to even a full day (eight hours).
A detailed quotation based on the specific needs and wishes of the customer will be made in advance.

Which costs are not included in the hour rate?

- If the shoot is outside of Ghent/Antwerp, a travel expense fee of € 0,25/km to and from the location will be charged.
- Other possible costs will be charged through: extra lighting, make-up, setdressing, studio- or location fees,... If extra artificial lighting is used, a make-up artist will be called in. From an æsthetical point of view, this is an absolute necessity for a good result.
- Charged usage rights on the resulting photos (except, of course, for the free low resolution credited versions that can be used in the photo gallery of the band site and Myspace acount)

Why has to be paid separately for the usage rights?

The photographer's fee on the one hand and the usage right rates on the other hand are two completely different things. Because of this, they have different VAT rates: fees are 21%, usage rights 6%. Therefore, they can't be added up into a uniform price. For the customer, this approach undoubtedly has its advantage: contrary to most photographers, GT/AW doesn't work with a uniform price, where usage rights that aren't going to be used are also paid for – resulting in a higher price tag. When working with GT/AW, the customer only pays for the usage rights needed. Which is cheaper in the end.

Which other services Genthology/Antwology also provides?

- graphic design for album artwork
- website design
- music videos
- tour photography: GT/AW can provide bands that use a small tour van for travelling with a driver/photographer. Two jobs in one, so to speak. Rates for these services are made according to specifications.

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