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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genthology/Antwology?

Genthology is Flanders' first independent music photographers collective. It was founded officially in May 2005, but already started photographing semi-officially in November 2004. The aim is twofold:
- Cultural:
Developing an image archive of the music scene in Ghent by systematically photographing concerts in Ghent-based venues and of Ghent-based bands, on an informative and artistically high level. Because it quicky became clear that this initiative could also be applied in other cities, an affiliated collective was found in Antwerp in September 2006: Antwology.
- Commercial:
Providing high-quality photography-oriented services to bands, managements, festival organisers and the press: photo shoots, graphic design of album artwork, tour reports, music videos,...

Is Genthology/Antwology a non-profit organisation?

No. Legally speaking, Genthology/Antwology is not an incorporated society, but a group of affiliated photographers. Plans to create non-profit branches for both Genthology and Antwology in the future exist, though.

How about a Brussels-based division?

Working on it. Possibly, even in other cities.

Is Genthology/Antwology only limited to concerts in Ghent/Antwerp?

Most of the time, yes. However, GT/AW regularly photographs bands that are playing outside of Ghent/Antwerp. Occasionally, even bands that aren't Ghent/Antwerp-based or aren't playing in Ghent/Antwerp are being photographed – just for fun, one might say.
By eventually developing a network of cities, GT/AW aims to cover the whole Flemish/Belgian music scene.

Are all members professional photographers?

No, not all of them. GT/AW has professional photographers, amateur photographers with a passion for music photography and even photography students.

Can I become a GT/AW member?

Yes. Like every growing and expanding organisation, GT/AW is always looking for new people to join the team.

What are the requirements to become a member?

As already stated, you don't have to be a professional photographer. These are the requirements:
- First and foremost, you have to be a really good, well experienced and highly motivated music/concert photographer.
- You work digitally and have an excellent knowledge of Photoshop, capable of delivering images quickly.
- You can manage to devote enough time to photograph concerts for GT/AW (average of 2x/week).

I'm a fan of a band GT/AW photographed. Can I buy a print of a photo GT/AW made?

No. For this, the permission of the portrayed artist or the management involved is needed. Unfortunately, we can't clear this right for every image we post.

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