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Genthology is an independent music photographers' collective that was founded in November 2004 by 5 young Ghent-based photographers. The aim is twofold:

1. Online posting and archiving of concert photography of a) Ghent-based bands or b) bands that play in a venue in Ghent. By doing this, Genthology wants to contribute to the cultural value and aura of the Ghent-based (rock)music scene.

2. Providing high-quality photography-oriented services to bands, managements, festival organisers and the media.

In September 2005, Antwology was founded. This affiliated organisation division aims to achieve the same 2 goals for Antwerp. Through this geographically-based approach, Genthology/Antwology ultimately wants to build out a music photography network in the whole of Flanders.
Or even farther.

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